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Use of social media to disseminate new information within otolaryngology is becoming commonplace. However, across the myriad of patients, physicians, researchers, industry, academic societies, and patient-support organizations that use social media, there exists variable hashtags used to discuss the same topics. Unfortunately, the absence of a standardized social media ontology limits dissemination of data among key stakeholders. To remediate this, other specialties have taken efforts to standardize a social media ontology. For this reason, with the help of the ANS Social Media Committee and crowd-sourcing input from 15 neurotologists across the United States, we have generated a standardized hashtag list for some of the most common hashtags used to identify topics within the otology and neurotology social media space (Table 1). We hope this list will serve as a foundation for increasingly collaborative use of social media across all key stakeholders within our field. For further information, the full text associated with the development of this list will be published in Otology & Neurotology.

For a list of contributing authors and hashtags listed below, please click here.

TABLE 1 - Proposed standardized tag ontology for 34 hashtags in the social media space surrounding otology and neurotology.*







































*Abbreviations/Definitions: BAHA=bone-anchored hearing aid; TM=tympanic membrane; ET=Eustachian tube; SSNHL=sudden sensorineural hearing loss; SSCD=semicircular canal dehiscence; BPPV=benign paroxysmal positional vertigo; NF2=neurofibromatosis type 2

BAHA is specifically specified in all caps to avoid overlap with Cochlear Americas’ Baha® device.

These tags should be used together whenever possible due to the continued widespread use of both terms among providers and/or patients.